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About the Author
The author resides in North Carolina.  He has published six books and is in the process of publishing the current title at this time.  In the past,  he has been involved in martial arts, making handmade Native American crafts, and working as a full time Law Enforcement officer/ S.W.A.T.  team member.  He has taken an early retirement from law enforcement due to being afflicted with CFIDS. The author is an honorably discharged veteran of the US Army Reserves, where he served as an infantryman and a drill sergeant. Brian also enjoys spending a great deal of time at the Qualla Boundary, which is the home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  His father, Charles Voncannon, is an enrolled member of the Appalachian American Indians of West Virginia, Inc.  Brian and his mother are enrolled members of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama, one of seven recognized tribes in that state. 



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