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Is there a test for CFIDS?

    In a word, no. However, there are tests that your doctor will perform to rule out other illnesses that mimic the same symptoms of CFIDS. Also, there are organizations that are researching this illness and do have a variety of tests that may show metabolic changes in patients with CFIDS. Officially, there is no standard test that you will receive if you go to your regular doctor for testing. I was seen by both my regular doctor and an infectious disease specialist, who basically did what I described above. He ruled out nearly everything that he could think of before looking into the possibility of CFIDS. After grueling tests and waiting, I was finally diagnosed by both the specialist and my regular doctor. It took several months before I received the official word.

    There are many theories as to what the culprit is behind CFIDS. I was told by one doctor that the Epstein-Barr virus could be the problem. However, that theory is often down-played by other medical professionals. In case you are wondering, the EBV test was the only blood test of mine that actually showed a postive or a chronic/active/re-activated infection in my body.

    Hopefully, there will be a test for CFIDS in the future. That way, people will not have to go through such a long wait and various needle sticks to determine what they have. Until then, get ready to be a pin cushion!

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