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Are there any treatments for CFIDS?

    The answer to this question still falls somewhat as the same as in others. There is no specific treatment plan that has been laid out for patients with CFIDS. There are many different doctors and research organizations that are experimenting with various therapies, but none have been conclusively appointed as the one way to go. I have read countless articles and some books that proclaim they have the cure for CFIDS if you follow their regimen. I'm still a bit leary of such claims. I follow a regimen that I developed myself and mention it in the book, but don't recommend it to anyone as a quick cure.

    I would be very narrow minded if I stated that anyone's method doesn't work at all. I am sure that many people have experienced an improvement or even a remission in their symptoms when following some of the programs out there. I would just be careful as to what I got myself into. Being involved in natural medicine myself in the past, I do believe in the power of alternative therapy. My own great grandfather practised Cherokee medicine on both himself and others, but we have to be reasonable. I am speaking more so along the lines of just being careful.

    If you trust your own doctor and you are outlined a treatment plan, then by all means do what he or she tells you to do. On the other hand, you have the right to choose what methods of health care that you pursue. Where you may run into problems is with some of the "magic bullet" cures that are marketed by non-medical sources. If you scour the internet, you will probably find 100 "cures" for CFIDS! Hallelujah, we're saved! Many of these are probably a waste of money or even dangerous, but who knows? Some may work. Just use your head and seek the proper medical attention first, then your doctor will advise you whether it is okay to pursue alternative therapy or not.

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