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Diary of a Ninja
Press Kit



Author ----------------Brian E. Voncannon
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From Book to Screen?

CONCORD, NC - Feb. 14, 2001 – Another book by Brian Voncannon will soon be released by Writer's Club Press, an imprint of This time, the author has taken another route in his writing ventures. In addition to writing Shadows: Diary of a Ninja ISBN 0-595-17233-4, he has adapted it to a feature length screenplay. Brian is currently showcasing the script in hopes of one day seeing it on the silver screen. The book's promotial site can be accessed from

The author was born and raised in North Carolina and has been involved in law enforcement since 1989. He is currently
employed as a full time Deputy Sheriff/SWAT team member, while spending his spare time as a writer. His book, Living Behind the Shield, gained him an appearance on a North Carolina television show as well a news article in a national police magazine. Having a great pride in his ancestry, he has written other books which surround his mixed Cherokee/Saponi Native American ancestry.  He and his mother are enrolled members of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. The author has completed one feature length screenplay, three shorts, and is currently working on a second feature length script.

Author Biography

Name:               Brian E. Voncannon
Age:                  31
Occupation:       Honorably Retired Deputy Sheriff/SWAT Team member/Author/screenwriter
Religious Affl.:  Southern Baptist
Hobbies:           Physical fitness activities, martial arts, Native American craft work, genealogy
Other:              Enrolled member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama
Books in Print   4 (counting current title)

Publication History (Books):

Self published Completing the Circle: The Hathcock Indian Blood ISBN 0-9672423-0-4 first edition, ISBN 0-9672423-1-2 revised edition.

Current title is  published by Writer's Club Press/ The book is a 6x9 trade paper back with four color laminated cover.

The Tears Still Remain A Cherokee poem by B. Voncannon published in a book titled Blessings of Time ISBN 1-58235-141-4  An anthology of poetry published by the International Library of Poetry Owings Mills MD 21117.

The Rocky River  Monster by B. Voncannon. A short story published in Lunch in a Lard Buckett and other Cabarrus County Tales   Hometown Memories Publishing PO Box 189 Conover, NC 28613

Cherokee Blue Eyes: Keeping the Heritage Alive by B. Voncannon. A book dedicated to keeping your Native heritage alive.

Living Behind the Shield: A Modern Warrior's Path to Bravehood by B. Voncannon  An inside look at the law enforcement officer from a Christian's view.  This book is  published by Writer's Club Press.

Publication History (Screenplays):

The Keepers  A feature length screenplay about a ninja master that comes to America and chooses a high school student to become heir to his skills.

Jerry's  A screenplay short about a zany bartender and a couple of lounge lizards.

Unarmed Robbery  A screenplay short about two bank robbers that must hire a taxi as a get away car after theirs is stolen during a heist.

Green Light  A screenplay short about a young man that takes several convenient store customers hostage, while a police/swat sniper is charged with the duty of taking him out.

The author may be contacted about any of the above screenplays at

To Book An Interview/Appearance:

Contact the author, Brian Voncannon at 704-888-1685  24 Hour answering machine available. Please leave message if no answer. Please include contact name, organization that you represent, phone number, and email address if applicable. You may also email at

To contact the author directly by mail, please address all inquires to:
704-888-1685 leave message

To contact the publisher of my current title:
Writer’s Club Press c/o
620 North 48th Street Suite 201
Lincoln, NE 68504-3467

My schedule is a busy one, so please book early! I will acknowledge all inquiries as soon as possible. For appearances, please give at least 2 to 4 weeks notice. I am happy to accept any and all offers that I am capable of. Appearances within NC, SC, VA are given priority. Those which require travel outside of these areas may require additional notice. Phone interviews are encouraged for these areas. Seminars or consultation will require fees.

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