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Homepage of Brian Voncannon

After writing a couple of books, I decided to go on a new venture...screenwriting. Due to a battle with a disabling illness, I am now a former full time law enforcement officer/SWAT team member. I now spend a great deal of time writing books and screenplays. Although I do this mainly for the enjoyment of doing it, I have found that writing the script is only half of the battle!

I created this page to simply give the reader a quick look at my projects including books and screenplays. I have also included a few related links that you may find interesting.  I hope you enjoy your stay...maybe we will (or won't) do lunch!!





Feature Length:

"The Keepers"
Based on the novel Shadows: Diary of a Ninja by B. Voncannon
An inquisitive high school student, Joe Hopper, befriends a mysterious oriental gentleman that moves in next door. Captivated by this secretive man, he discovers that he is a ninja master and will soon be on his way to becoming one himself. A journey into the ancient art of silent death, undying love, and a fierce battle with evil awaits him.

Background on this screenplay
The ultimate origin of this screenplay dates back to 1985, when B. Voncannon hand wrote the entire manuscript in one composition book. The manuscript was placed in a shoe box and stored away. Nearly 16 years later, Brian discovers the dusty shoe box and retrieves the manuscript, edits it, and publishes a short novel based entirely on that original writing. Shadows: Diary of a Ninja ISBN 0-595-17233-4 is published by This screenplay was represented by an agent for one year, but is currently out of contract and available for purchase from the author directly.

A synopsis, treatment, and the full script may be downloaded by agents/producers at the

A retired atmospheric researcher discovers that Earth has shifted orbit, bringing it dangerously close to the Sun, and is enlisted by former skeptical colleagues in seeking a solution.

A synopsis, treatment, and the full script may be downloaded by agents/producers at the

"The Stone of Thunder"
A young man fulfills an ancient prophesy when he accidentally discovers a powerful American Indian artifact, and must return it to a burial site after strange events begin to unfold in his life.

A synopsis, treatment, and the full script may be downloaded by agents/producers at the

Screenplay Shorts:

"Green Light"
A young man holds several convenient store customers hostage, and a police sniper is ordered to take him out.

"Office Visit"
A young man's employment physical nearly goes awry as the befuddled country doctor thinks he has come in for a vasectomy.

A middle-aged bar hopper bets his buddy that he can get the first woman that walks into the bar.

"Unarmed Robbery"
Two absent-minded bank robbers hire a taxi as their get away car after theirs gets stolen during the heist.

A young Cherokee boy learns a valuable lesson from his grandfather.

"Always Faithful"
A SWAT team leader's final day on the job.







Living Behind the Shield: A Modern Warrior's Path to Bravehood
Published by August 2000  ISBN 0-595-10048-1
A behind the scenes look into the world of the law enforcement officer from a Christian's view.
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Cherokee Blue Eyes: Keeping the Heritage Alive
Published by ISBN 0-595-15774-2  December 2000
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Shadows: Diary of a Ninja
Published by ISBN 0-595-17233-4 February 2001
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Living with the Unknown
ISBN 0-595-24182-4  To be published by Writer's Club Press, an imprint of This title should be available in the fall of 2002. Visit the new promotional site to learn more at

  Completing the Circle  Revised Edition
Revised Edition published in October 1999 ISBN 0-9672423-1-2 Evening Storm Enterprises. A family history book that covered one line of my Native American ancestry. Some copies are still available here.

Completing the Circle: The Hathcock Indian Blood
First Edition published in May 1999  ISBN 0-9672423-0-4 Evening Storm Enterprises.
A family history book that covered one line of my Native American ancestry. Currently out of print.


About Brian Voncannon

Brian Voncannon was born and raised in North Carolina, where he was formerly employed as a full time law enforcement officer/SWAT team member. After being diagnosed with a disabiling illness, he turned back to his love of writing. Besides writing, Brian spends time involved in genealogy, and native american craft work. He and his mother are enrolled members of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. His books have gained him appearances on a North/South Carolina television show, as well as a national magazine. Brian Voncannon has a two year degree in Criminal Justice and two years of pre-med courses. He is also a veteran (staff sergeant) of the US Army, with training as an infantry soldier and drill sgt. As far as the film industry goes, Brian was a paid extra in the 1996 Whoopi Goldberg movie Eddie.

 In addition, he is also known as dj "VC" on EveningStorm Radio and 1610 AM Coltswold Community Radio, Charlotte, NC, where he is the morning show personality.

"My very first screenplay was The Keepers. I wrote, edited, and gained representation with this screenplay in less than 3 months. Can't say that I will ever be able to do that one again!"  I have recently decided to take up music again. Years ago, I played the trumpet and picked on the guitar a bit, but definitely no Eddie Van Halen! I decided to start pounding on the electric guitar and went with a Bronze series Warlock by B.C. Rich. Now I've switched to an Epiphone SG g400. Shucks, I've even designed my own guitar picks!


Tune into Coltswold radio Fri. Sat, and Sun from 8am to 9am for my morningshow!

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