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Living Behind the Shield
Online from these USA Book Stores
This list is by no means complete. You may go to your local book store and ask them to order it for you if they have it in their listings.
Univ.Arizona online
The booksmith
Bestsellers Bookstore
Kepler's Books
Clean well lighted- place for books
Atticus Bookstore Cafe
Avenue Books
Baker Books
Berry Lane Books
Half Priced books
Bookloft of German Village
Book Passage
The BookSeller
Book People
The Book Store, Inc.
Books & Books
Books Anywhere,Inc.
Boulder Bookstore Online
The Bookstall at Chestnut Court
Bridge Steet Bookshop
Brookline Booksmith
Chapter11 Discount Bookstore
Chinook Bookshop, Inc.
Chronicles Bookshope
Codys Books
Collector's Companion
The Concord Bookshop
Copperfield and Company Booksellers
Corporate Book Resources
Cover to Cover Books
Discount Book Express
Eastwind Books of Berkley
The Elliot Bay Book Company
Fertile Ground Books
Four in the Fire Christian Bookstores
University of Southern Ca. Bookstore
Little Professor Book Center

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Living behind the Shield: A Modern Warrior's Path to Bravehood 

Note: If some of the links are broken, try searching a different store, or simply try a search for the store name.
Some stores sell the book for different prices. Availability is up to the individual store owners. Please double check to make sure the store is located within the US in case of error. All links are provided for your convenience and does not imply endorsement. The author, publisher, nor any party associated with the same are responsible for any information linked to on this page.All links, store names, trade names, are copyrights, responsibilities of their respective owners. A special thank you from the author to all of these stores for listing my book!